Join Network-as-a-Service

For Remote Offices

  • Cloud-managed WiFi and network, simplified
  • Digital collaboration spaces for hybrid work
  • Integrated office printers & VoIP

Modern Connected Workplaces, Driven by Data

Flexible remote offices for distributed workforces

The only workplace platform you need to connect and optimize spaces for hybrid workforces. Spin up fully connected, collaborative, and data-driven workplaces without needing fixed infrastructure—cloud managed, customizable to your space, and data-driven to help you adapt to changing distributed workforce needs.

Easily spin up workplaces wherever employees are with fully cloud-managed remote offices

Software-defined connectivity for a seamless branch network experience—zero CapEx

Fast-to-deploy, always-on connectivity to every employee, guest, and IoT device with faster WiFi and concurrent streaming to all your cloud platforms, video collaboration tools, and corporate HQ.

State-of-the-art collaboration technology with integrations to the apps you use

More productivity and collaboration with turnkey digital conference rooms, huddle spaces, with integrated space booking, scheduling, and office technologies.

Continually optimize hybrid work experiences with powerful workplace analytics

Understand your remote offices like never before with the only unified platform combining the most accurate occupancy and environmental data.

In one unified dashboard, AdaptIQ can drive trust and wellness with more comprehensive air quality and environmental monitoring, and help you optimize every space based on how your distributed teams are really utilizing your remote offices.

Build an amazing, modern digital workplace


Seamless connectivity and network experiences, driven by data.

Collaboration Technology

State-of-the-art A/V, office, and collaboration technology and apps.

Workplace Analytics

Detailed occupancy and environmental data in one unified dashboard.

Data-driven workplaces with better economics

Transform your workplace from cost center to business advantage

  • Combined cost savings
    Major cost advantage over competing providers

    In Join-powered office buildings, enterprises save 47% on a 25,000 sqft office space, and 63% on a 5,000 sqft office space. See how much you can save using Join Connected Workplaces.

  • Productivity gains
    Better IEQ equals better productivity

    According to ASHRAE, better indoor environmental factors has shown nearly 20% productivity gains. Join measures 7 of 9 of these factors that improve cognitive functions and reduce sick days.

  • Increase in total ideas generated
    Boost creativity and ideation with better collaboration

    According to Nature, idea generation when meeting in person outperforms video conferencing by 16-19%. Join helps you create measurable collaborative spaces teams want.

  • Less downtime that leads to productivity losses
    Say goodbye to IT outages and brownouts

    61% of IT leaders surveyed by LogicMonitor reported lost productivity due to outages. Enterprises average 5 outages per year,  95.5% of Join customers have never experienced an outage in their Join service.

Customer stories and outcomes

Southwestern Energy reduced OpEx by 25% with Join Connected Workplaces

With over 1,100 employees, Southwestern Energy needed a modern, fully connected campus with better work-from-anywhere connectivity, smarter collaboration spaces, and powerful workplace analytics to help them understand their space utilization.

See how Join helped them create an amazing employee-centered experience, achieving huge efficiency improvements that decreased OpEx by 25%.


The Join advantage

Let us take care of the workplace technology so you can drive your business forward

Deploys extremely fast

Typical deployment times are between 30 to 90 days. We work diligently to ensure you get to work and better understand your workplace faster.

100% hands-off hardware

Our service is inclusive of hardware. That means you never have to buy, install, or maintain anything. We even refresh the equipment as the tech evolves.

Reduced operational costs

Greatly reduce the burden on IT to maintain and monitor your workplace technology and network. Save money and hassle with our all-inclusive service.

Simple as-a-Service pricing

Workplace technology shouldn't feel complicated. We’ve worked hard to make our product easy to use, easy to operate, and even easier to own.

Private by design

Your workplace and everyone in it is your business. We go to great lengths to secure your data and ensure we never capture identifiable information.

Data-driven for adaptability

Your workplace contains a wealth of knowledge. We unite your data in a single view so you can make fact- based decisions to adapt your work experience.

Discover what Join NaaS can do for you

We make it easy to quickly deploy your entire network and IT infrastructure, from routing, switching, access points, firewalls, and secure connectivity.