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We create modern enterprise networks, as-a-Service

  • Fully connected, collaborative physical environments
  • Data-driven spaces to drive efficiency and adaptability
  • Employee-centered workplaces that empower and inspire


Leading factors of a modern connected workplace

High-speed Internet

Uninterrupted workflows, real-time collaboration, instant access to cloud-based resources

Seamless Collaboration

Digital collaboration rooms to bridge the gap between onsite and remote employees

Energy Efficiency

Improve energy consumption by analyzing live occupancy and space utilization data

Optimized Workplace

Rightsize your space investments without sacrificing the performance of the workplace

Creating simplified, automated network experiences 

With the acceleration of hybrid work and digital transformation in physical workplaces, more and more businesses depend on always-on digital services and devices to be productive and collaborate effectively.

Join creates fully connected workplaces with unified connectivity and digital collaboration spaces that empower people to work better together, wherever. And we do it all with zero CapEx, greater efficiency, and reduced burden on IT staff, enabling businesses to focus on what they do best.

Creating data-driven workplaces that adapt with workplace analytics

The workplace and the way people use it will continue to evolve. To create an amazing workplace, businesses need to be able to adapt to these changes, but in order to improve workplace performance, you need the data to understand your entire workplace and employee experience.

Join offers unparalleled insights into facility operations, pinpointing areas of enhancement for both workplace efficiency and employee engagement. Our integrated digital platform and robust data engine, AdaptIQ, provides precise occupancy and environmental insights, illuminating the path to creating a great workplace experience.

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