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Zero Trust Network Security

Enhance network security with our Zero Trust Network Security framework. Get robust protection, and real-time, AI-driven threat detection and response to eliminate your network's attack surface and stay compliant.

Robust, built-in security fully protects your network and keeps you in compliance

Our unified security capabilities include:

  • Zero trust access control
  • Real-time threat detection
  • Micro-segmentation of the network
Benefits of Zero Trust Network Security
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A holistic security framework

We provide a zero trust approach for user authentication and authorization to safeguard your network with robust security policies and procedures that mitigate risks and ensure regulatory compliance.


Protection for your operational network

We protect your network with real-time threat detection that oversees all activity on your network along with anomaly detection for maximum protection. We also enable segmentation of your network to protect sensitive information while guaranteeing the integrity of your data.


AI-driven security automation

By harnessing the power of automation and advanced AI-driven analytics we can proactively identify and respond to security threats for you in real-time to fortify your network against evolving cyber threats.

What's included

Zero Trust Design


Flexible User Authentication


Least-Privilege Access


Device and User Segmentation

Network-as-a-Service Features

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A more reliable, secure network experience is easier than you think

From design to deployment to operations, Join is fully-managed enterprise NaaS.

  • Delivered as-a-Service with per user or space pricing
  • Reliable wired and wireless networks with guaranteed performance SLAs
  • Improved security compliance with built-in Zero Trust
  • Proactive network monitoring and continuous AI optimizations

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