Our story

JoinTM has been at the forefront software-defined networking and workplace technology. We're dedicated to creating amazing branch and campus network experiences that power high performance organizations.

What we do

Join is recognized as a leading Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) provider, bringing seamless and reliable connectivity for modern workplaces. Our service delivers ultrafast and secure network experiences. We achieve this through our cloud-managed wired and wireless LAN, guaranteeing reliable, low-latency, high-capacity connectivity for all internet-enabled devices, from individual office spaces to building-wide common areas.

We're on a mission to create amazing digitally connected workplaces

Complementing our robust Network-as-a-Service platform, Join has integrated a sophisticated data engine, AdaptIQ for Workplace Analytics.

We ingest environmental and occupancy data from a variety of IoT and data signals to deliver real-time, unified insights into space utilization and indoor environmental quality, creating workplaces with greater efficiency, health, and wellness.

Our vision for the future of data-driven workplaces

With an amazing track record with companies like ServiceNow and Southwestern Energy, Join empowers customers to extend our network platform and data-driven insights to create better, more productive employee experiences.

Join is a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking top-tier network services, enriched with data-driven insights to optimize their workplace experience.

Interested in working with us?

Join a collaborative, rewarding, and fun environment where amazing talent from diverse backgrounds can thrive and do their best work.