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WiFi, Ethernet Switching, and Internet

Maximize reliability, speed, and security with our Network-as-a-Service offering. Get high-performance WiFi, Ethernet switching, and Internet connectivity with automated monitoring and included equipment upgrades.

Industry-leading network hardware for more reliable, secure, high-performance connectivity

Our end-to-end networking infrastructure includes:

  • Our state-of the-art, industry-leading network hardware
  • Unparalleled WiFi performance
  • Resilient internet connectivity
Benefits of WiFi, Ethernet Switching, and Internet
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Maximize reliability, performance, and security

Our wired and wireless hardware includes WiFi access points, switches, routers, and firewalls, that leverage the latest industry-leading Broadcom and Qualcomm chipsets to ensure seamless network operations.


Future-proof your network

Because our hardware is provided as part of the service, as technology and standards change, we upgrade or replace your hardware at no additional cost.


Maximize end-to-end service integration

We identify optimal service providers to match your specific application and usage requirements in concert with the design of the branch and campus network to guarantee reliability and continuity of your operations with uninterrupted, dual internet connectivity.

What's included

Enterprise-Grade WiFi


Automated WiFi Performance Monitoring


Segmented Private and Guest SSIDs


Free Hardware Upgrades


Internet Service Procurement and Management


High-speed Connectivity


Dual Internet Connections with Failover


Automated Issue Resolution


Rapid Replacement of Failing Hardware

Network-as-a-Service Features

Explore everything Join NaaS offers

A more reliable, secure network experience is easier than you think

From design to deployment to operations, Join is fully-managed enterprise NaaS.

  • Delivered as-a-Service with per user or space pricing
  • Reliable wired and wireless networks with guaranteed performance SLAs
  • Improved security compliance with built-in Zero Trust
  • Proactive network monitoring and continuous AI optimizations

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