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Join Network-as-a-Service, Delivered

Say goodbye to building and operating networks. Consume your network, end-to-end, as a fully-managed subscription service.

Why Businesses Choose Join NaaS

Taking the principles of SaaS to branch and campus networks

Join Network-as-a-Service is our revolutionary, cloud-first enterprise networking solution that delivers highly scalable, secure, and reliable networks with AI-driven operations. From design, to deployment, to operations, Join handles the network lifecycle management, so you can focus on core business objectives without hefty capital expenditures. Experience seamless connectivity with always-on reliability, powered by state-of-the-art hardware, software, predictive network analytics, continuous AI optimizations, and inclusive upgrade cycles.

Consolidate network services. Unify design, build and AI operations in one place.

Eliminate the build and manage burden on IT teams by getting hardware, software, design, deployment, AI optimizations and operations from Join.

Enjoy lower TCO. Scale with more predictable as-a-Service pricing based on your needs.

Get the network your business needs without sacrifices. We offer affordable consumption-based pricing, by user or space, with guaranteed performance SLAs.

Stay in security compliance. Eliminate the attack surface inside your network.

Eliminate security fragmentation and misconfiguration risks with built-in Zero Trust framework, microsegmentation, and AI-driven security automations.

Network-as-a-Service for Enterprises

See what's included with Join NaaS

Network Architecture and Design

Ensure your network is customized to support the needs of your business

WiFi, Ethernet Switching, and Internet

Industry-leading network hardware for more reliable, secure, high-performance connectivity

Network Deployment and Configuration

Our quick-deploy process gets you up and running in days not months, eliminating the burden on IT

Zero Trust Network Security

Robust, built-in security fully protects your network and keeps you in compliance

Network Monitoring and Operations

Our state-of-the-art network operations center eliminates the burden of network management

AI Network Optimization and Upgrades

Ensure peak network performance with AI-driven automated and continuous network optimizations

Network Integration Services

Enhance your employee experience with integrated office and collaboration technologies

Workplace Analytics

Gain actionable insight into network-attached sensors, environmental quality, and space utilization

Next-Gen Enterprise Networks

Don't let legacy networking hold back your business


    Join NaaS HW Vendors
Design and Deployment Services Site survey Check icon
Custom network design Check icon
Equipment install, configuration, and testing Check icon
Wired + Wireless LAN Enterprise-grade WiFi Check icon Check icon
Automated WiFi performance monitoring Check icon
Segmented private and guest SSIDs Check icon DIY
Free hardware upgrades Check icon
WAN and Business Internet Internet service procurement and management Check icon
High-speed connectivity Check icon
Dual Internet connections with failover Check icon
Automated issue resolution Check icon
Quick replacements for any failing devices Check icon
Zero Trust Security Zero Trust design Check icon DIY
Flexible user authentication Check icon DIY
Least-privilege access Check icon DIY
Device and user segmentation Check icon DIY
Network Performance + Analytics High-capacity networking equipment Check icon Check icon
Guaranteed uptime backed by Service Level Agreement Check icon
24x7 automated network performance monitoring Check icon DIY
Real-time threat detection Check icon DIY
Accessible network metrics and security logs Check icon DIY
Predictive analytics for potential failures Check icon
Network Operation Center Proactive Internet and network monitoring Check icon
Rapid incident management Check icon DIY
Trouble ticketing and end user support Check icon DIY
Configuration changes Check icon DIY
Network equipment monitoring Check icon DIY

A more reliable, secure network experience is easier than you think

From design to deployment to operations, Join is fully-managed enterprise NaaS.

  • Delivered as-a-Service with per user or space pricing
  • Reliable wired and wireless networks with guaranteed performance SLAs
  • Improved security compliance with built-in Zero Trust
  • Proactive network monitoring and continuous AI optimizations

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