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IT & Technology Managers

Data-driven, purpose-built technology

  • Optimize resource utilization and enable scalability
  • Enhanced analytics for a complete workplace snapshot
  • Better collaboration tools for seamless communication

When we first moved into the space, we were told that high-performance internet was included... in the past we would have had to buy and install the physical network equipment and then sign up for an ISP agreement. The fact that we could move into the space so quickly and have the internet service active immediately was a great benefit to the Coding Dojo staff and students. We were able to be productive on day one and start our classes immediately.

David Chanoine, Program Director

Software-defined connectivity and network for superior flexibility and performance

Our cloud-managed WiFi and software-defined network ensures that employees have always-on access to essential resources, seamless collaboration, and remain productive without additional support requirements.

Zero-touch WiFi and network comes standard with our securely segmented employee, guest, and IoT networks, all managed in the cloud.

Active radio optimizations, WAN, and application monitoring minimizes interference, latency, jitters, downtime, and disruptions.

Customizable next-gen firewalls and integrations with any cloud-based security platform.

Future-proof and flexible workplace analytics

Keep focused on accurate workplace data without worrying about the sensors. Join is sensor-agnostic—we only integrate with best-of-breed sensor partners and are never reliant on one technology, so you get a more accurate comprehensive picture of your workplace.

Track everything in the workplace, including temperature, humidity, air quality, lighting conditions, occupancy, and space utilization. Our service comes complete with all hardware, maintenance, and even upgrades. All network provisioning comes standard—or we can plug into your own network.

Seamlessly integrated digitally-enabled spaces

Unlike any other provider, our collaboration and office technologies are offered as-a-service—there's no equipment to purchase, maintain, or upgrade (that's included too). We even configure and provision everything to our secure network so you can focus on delivering on key IT initiatives and supports employees with new digital capabilities with ease.

State-of-the-art digital collaboration spaces equipped with interactive displays, and integrate popular video collaboration platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Web-based space booking and scheduling help to discourage "no-show" zombie bookings and encourage efficient space utilization to create a positive experience for employees.

Discover what Join NaaS can do for you

We make it easy to quickly deploy your entire network and IT infrastructure, from routing, switching, access points, firewalls, and secure connectivity.