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Network Deployment and Configuration

Enjoy hassle-free network deployments with our end-to-end NaaS solution. From installation to testing, we ensure a seamless and reliable network experience from day 1.

Our quick-deploy process gets you up and running in days not months, eliminating the burden on IT

Our services team manages the installation of your network with:

  • Buildout of cabling, power, and IT closets/server rooms
  • Complete installation and configuration of your networking devices
  • Validation and testing
Benefits of Network Deployment and Configuration
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Delivers a fully operational network

We configure and validate the network to ensure the setup aligns with your requirements while accommodating any potential future expansion.


Comprehensive testing

We fully test the network to ensure its is fully operational and operating at, or above, defined performance standards.


Frees up your resources

Our teams manage the entire network deployment process even when you aren't onsite. And because we fully manage and operate your network, we totally eliminate the burden on internal IT teams.


No disruptions in service

In your environments where you have legacy networks installed, in order to guarantee no downtime, we leave existing equipment in place and fully operational until validation of your new network is complete.

Network-as-a-Service Features

Explore everything Join NaaS offers

A more reliable, secure network experience is easier than you think

From design to deployment to operations, Join is fully-managed enterprise NaaS.

  • Delivered as-a-Service with per user or space pricing
  • Reliable wired and wireless networks with guaranteed performance SLAs
  • Improved security compliance with built-in Zero Trust
  • Proactive network monitoring and continuous AI optimizations

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