Customer Story

Southwestern Energy

Key outcomes achieved
  • 25% more cost efficient operations
  • Great whole-campus experience for employees
  • Continuous environment quality and occupancy monitoring
  • Attractive to new companies to share amenity costs
  • Responsiveness to SWN needs and ongoing innovation

Southwestern Energy reduced opex by 25% and created a more productive, collaborative, and healthier workplace experience with Join Connected Workplaces.

Southwestern Energy (SWN) originally built a 650,000 sqft twin 10-story tower as their commercial headquarters in Spring, Texas. As their workplace needs evolved, SWN looked to Join to convert into a multi-tenant facility.

The key for SWN was to ensure employees could access the same high quality and secure connectivity, environmental quality, and collaboration tech in the shared facilities as they enjoy behind their own doors.

Our digitally transformed South Tower brings turnkey IT services to tenants with our zero-touch, zero-capex unified connectivity and WiFi—provisioned in days, not months.


Join's Connected Network enables SWN employees to work anywhere on campus with seamless, secure access to their applications and modern video conferencing. AdaptIQ monitors occupancy and environmental quality to ensure wellness across the campus. And unifying all building systems with our digital backbone, we’ve made the entire building operation more efficient and responsive to changing needs.

Provided entirely as a service, our new converged digital connectivity backbone supports 10 core building systems and over 700 endpoint devices, with capacity for future expansion. Deploying the latest Join WiFi6 WAPs across 75,000 sqft of amenity spaces throughout the first floor, we’ve extended SWN security to lobby, gym, dining, and collaboration suites.

The result is a vibrant multi-enterprise campus with turnkey best-of-breed IT and services for a modern work experience.

Customer Highlights

Houston, TX, USA


75,000 sqft



4: Lobby, Gym, Dining, Conferencing

Across Lobby, Dining, Conferencing

A more reliable, secure network experience is easier than you think

From design to deployment to operations, Join is fully-managed enterprise NaaS.

  • Delivered as-a-Service with per user or space pricing
  • Reliable wired and wireless networks with guaranteed performance SLAs
  • Improved security compliance with built-in Zero Trust
  • Proactive network monitoring and continuous AI optimizations

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