Join™ launches Extended Workplaces VPN to enable security and access for those working from home

By Join Digital Inc.

Join is offering the VPN service available free of charge to customers, partners, and the broader commercial real estate community.

Silicon Valley, CA (April 6, 2020) — Join™, which delivers on-demand networking as a service to owners and tenants of Class A buildings to enable Smart Buildings and Smart Workplaces, is pleased to announce a new VPN service launching today in Beta free of charge to users. Join Extended Workplaces brings the security of Smart Workplaces to employees who are working from home.

The product is specifically for employees who work for building owners or who work for companies that are tenants in those office spaces.  With a simple install of the VPN client application on their device, they can use the same authentication and login credentials from the office when working at home. This service gives them access to all the benefits of commercial internet and cloud applications while protecting their work from attack and intrusion.

By leveraging internet and cloud access technologies, advanced cybersecurity, and points of presence around the country that make up the Join™ cloud, and tunneling technology from the open source leader, Wireguard, Join Extended Workplaces VPN provides a fully supported solution for enabling working from home during the coronavirus crisis, and beyond, as employees return to the office, business travel, and flexible work arrangements. Join adheres to the highest data privacy standards, including those mandated by the strongest legislation in the country, the CCPA from California, where Join is headquartered.

“We want to help our customers and the entire community during this unprecedented crisis, and feel fortunate to have the assets and capabilities in place to be helpful to our community in this difficult moment”, said Join Founder and CEO Karl May. “Our mission has been to create great customer experiences for professionals who rely increasingly on digital tools to do their work, and now we are extending the secure workplace to the home office. We are including this in all of our existing Smart Building and Smart Workplaces subscriptions, and offering it at no charge to our partners and to owners and operators in our commercial real estate community. In addition, we are reaching out to state officials for ways to serve during this crisis.”

“Join is rising to the occasion to provide VPN at no charge for all of their commercial real estate clients and the broader community during this difficult time,” said Mariel Ebrahimi, Co-Founder & CEO of DisruptCRE. “They are the hero and trusted advisor for companies who are now able to set up their teams at home with secure access to all the applications and tools they use in their office workplaces. Kudos to Join.”

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About Join

Join delivers on-demand networking as a service to owners and tenants of Class A buildings to enable Smart Buildings and Smart Workplaces. Join’s Converged Network as a Service (CNaaS) delivers outstanding security, ultrafast connectivity to the internet and public clouds, and the reliability and ease-of-use of a modern cloud service.

Join buildings remain up to date on the latest technology, current cybersecurity and privacy requirements. Join accelerates leasing by powering flexible space offers and digital amenities that create great tenant experiences, transforms IT and operations efficiency, and enables agile adoption of advanced building, IOT, and workplace technologies. Founded in 2016, Join is based in Silicon Valley and is funded by leading venture capital firms and investors with deep experience both in commercial real estate and cutting-edge technologies. Learn more by contacting

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