Workplace productivity, security, and privacy, at home.

Join’s Extended Workplaces VPN service is now available free of charge to all of our customers and partners.

Seamlessly connect to your corporate network and data, as if you were in the office.

Bring the office home—or anywhere else—extending your Join Smart Workplaces.

Join’s Extended Workplaces VPN is designed to connect your entire team to your workplace network, securely, privately, and at the fastest speeds you can get over your home network.

Give employees working from home an instant productivity boost and powerful security features to shield your valuable assets from attacks.

Join’s Extended Workplaces VPN keeps your information flowing so you can get back to business.

Protect your workforce and your business.

Secure + Encrypted

Keep employees securely connected to their Smart Workplace with encrypted traffic and enterprise-grade cybersecurity.

Maintains Privacy

Protect your location and your identity and appear as if you are working from your office no matter where you are.

CCPA Compliant

Join helps anonymize everything you do online—we don’t track individual identities or destinations.

Easy to Use

Get secured access and online privacy with just a button click.

Seamless Integration

Works to seamlessly connect you to your corporate networks and Join Smart Workplaces.

Fully Supported

Let our team assist you with guided activation and hands-on support.

Trusted by experts,
loved by customers.

“At this unprecedented time with many challenges, including everyone working from home, Join is rising to the occasion to provide VPN at no charge for all of their commercial real estate clients and the broader community.

They are the hero and trusted advisor for companies who are now able to set up their teams at home with secure access to all the applications and tools they use in their office workplaces. Kudos to Join.”

Mariel Ebrahimi

Co-Founder & CEO, DisruptCRE

Let us help you bring your workplace network home.

The Extended Workplace VPN service is currently in beta and is free of charge to Join customers and partners.


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