Keep your building and data secure

The Join Cloud offers a new way to deliver IT infrastructure and digital services to buildings and tenants.

Transform your Business with the Join Cloud

Each building that adopts the Join Cloud becomes part of Join’s private edge network. Building owners and tenants access the services they need through this private internet. All data is segregated by company, device, and user, and is invisible to other users and organizations. Users needing to access public web sites and other public internet services connect through the cybersecurity infrastructure in our private cloud.

About the Join Cloud Platform

Security is our foundation

Cybersecurity is at the heart of the Join Cloud. With decades of experience delivering secure networks and connectivity, Join transforms any corporate work environment into the smart buildings and smart workplaces of tomorrow.

Privacy protection is baked in

Data privacy protection is an integral component of the Join Cloud. Customers believe that companies have been compromising their trust far too often. Join believes your data is private to you alone.

Key Platform Features

End-to-End Security

The Join Cloud delivers end-to-end security to protect buildings and data. Our approach is centered around a nationwide cloud infrastructure that prevents data from touching the public Internet. We also use end-to-end encryption and 24×7 monitoring and threat intelligence

Zero Trust Access Management

Zero Trust means that Join only allows authorized and authenticated users and devices on the network. As a result, Join protects against a variety of causes of data breaches, including attacks that compromise privileged users on the network. Because we verify the identity of a user or device each time a request is made, we can ensure that only authorized users or devices are allowed access to network resources. The Join Cloud integrates with existing identity and access management systems.

Context Based Access

Join simplifies the decision of what to trust by evaluating the context of the user and device each time a request is made. Permission to access our network is granted based on a device, its state, location, and the associated user. The system continuously evaluates the entire context of each request to deliver secure, verified access throughout the network.

Terabit-Scale Connectivity

Through our intelligent infrastructure, Join offers uncapped, unthrottled bandwidth on a nationwide private network. You’re up and running right away—no more waiting for ISP contracts or provisioning. We’re constantly monitoring, learning about the needs of your users and devices, and optimizing quality of service for our customers. Because the Join Cloud has its own private network backbone, data never goes over the public internet.


Our on-demand approach offers a redundant infrastructure that would not normally be cost-effective for many individual businesses or remote offices of larger companies. As a cloud-based service that serves building owners and multiple tenants, Join can build resilient services that do not have single points of failure.

Software-Defined Policies

The Join Cloud is software defined, so it can be quickly configured to your needs and upgraded to provide new capabilities. Get a plug-and-play experience with an entire suite of unified communications, video conferencing, interactive meeting and virtual spaces, and business productivity and collaboration tools. Instantly add private connections to SaaS applications or public clouds.

Protecting IoT Devices

Secure your operational technology by separating IoT device traffic from all other activity in your building. Since less advanced devices have no inherent security capabilities and only the most basic network functions, they are more vulnerable to attack. The Join Cloud lets you manage IoT devices without putting other devices at risk.

Network Orchestration

The Join Cloud organizes all of your network traffic for optimal security and performance. For example, it logically separates traffic from different tenants or different types of devices. And because some regulations mandate segmentation, such as PCI DSS, with Segmented IoT Networks, the Join Cloud helps you stay compliant.

Monitoring and Risk Management

The Join Cloud is always watching for intrusion attempts, DDoS attacks, and potential vulnerabilities. The Join cloud is monitoring the network to ensure sure that users experience the reliable, high-performance service they expect.

Get Join

Get a fully-supported, secure, high-performance cloud without having to do a lot of hard work yourself.


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