Co-working and Flexible Offices

Essential Services that Enable Shared Space Providers to Focus on Members

Every company is a tech company: Make your tech-forward co-work or flexible office a competitive advantage

Design Your Unique Digital Experience

Join provides the essential digital services needed by flexible office operators, their tenants and users, with cybersecurity and performance metrics that meet the highest enterprise standards, all with no capital costs, service, support or maintenance agreements. Offer a superior digital workplace platform that gives added value to your members while keeping you focused on your members’ needs.

Enterprises want better options for meeting their evolving office space needs, but many have been reluctant to adopt flex offices due to the lack of secure, high performance digital services for employees. With Join, you can attract high value enterprise clients without having to build out a network or hire in-house networking and cybersecurity staff.

To attract enterprise customers, you have to meet their needs

Create unique services tiers by industry sector or job roles and decide whether you want to bundle services with the lease or deliver services a la carte. Target tenants/members such as:

  • Software Development
  • Sales
  • Financial Services
  • Architects and Engineers
  • Project Teams, such as movie post-production
  • Regional offices of large enterprises
  • And more…

Improving the bottom line for Flex Office and Co-work operators

Flexible Space Operators want to demonstrate a tech-forward strategy and create a profitable business model. Join helps:

  • Increase Pricing power  – Flexible workspaces with an advanced technology infrastructure command higher lease rates
  • Increase Retention  – Enterprise tenants and members in flexible offices with a secure, on demand high performance technology infrastructure are more satisfied and less likely to leave because their teams are more productive
  • Reduce Churn  – Higher retention rates reduce churn and help keep Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) low
  • Improve Brand and Reputation – Tech Forward Flexible Office spaces drive improvements in brand and reputation

Join-Ready flexible offices deliver tech forward, high performance member digital services.

Join manages and monitors all of your secure, high performance member digital services. You benefit from improved security, brand image, financial and sustainability results.

Deliver high performance data and internet services
Provide a private network to every member
Offer tiers of role-based services to meet specific member needs
Build member retention & satisfaction

Join Portal

Create customized, branded, high quality digital experiences for your customers

Join ZeroTrust™

Leveraging a national/global private internet to deliver a network effect for owner portfolios

Join Extended Services

Offer your customers additional scalable, secure, digital services customized to individual needs

Why Join...
  • Multiple go-to-market options to meet specific requirements of Flexible office operators
  • Join-Ready Flexible office solutions offer instant, scalable individual productivity on demand
  • Join manages and maintains the network. No resources required from the Flexible office operator
  • Members login, choose the appropriate service tier and get to work
  • Flex members instantly configure, change and assign new services on demand

Discover Join for the Enterprise Flexible Office Digital Services On Demand

Join provides secure, high speed data and internet “As-a-Service” to flexible office operators, customers and members of Enterprise Flexible Offices.

Complete Solution

Join provides everything from the network infrastructure to delivering and supporting all digital services.


Instantly scale individual digital services as needed. Monthly per-person billing, change anytime.

Security First

The Join private network keeps your data secure from end to end.

Member Digital Services for the Enterprise Flexible Office

Ready to Use. . . Zero Tear-Outs
  • Installed by Suite, Company, or Member
  • No tear out or re-install when companies vacate
  • New companies move in, and members are immediately productive
Increase Income & Gross Margins
  • Improve lease rates
  • Reduce tenant technology concessions
  • Position Flexible office offerings as Technology Forward
  • Multiple branding options available
Instant Productivity on Day One
  • Members access a secure, high performance network
  • No hardware
  • No ISP contracts
  • No hidden fees
  • No support or maintenance

Deliver a secure, high performance, personalized digital services platform for your members.

Learn More About Join Solutions for Flexible Office Operators

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