Join Converged Networks unlock value and innovation for your building.

Improved tenant experiences, streamlined building operations, and rapid adoption of advanced building technologies.

Tech and health forward experiences with the speed and simplicity of the cloud.

Enterprises need workplaces that support their tech and health requirements. Join’s Converged Network as a Service (CNaaS) gives you the power and agility to improve tenant amenities and building operations in one platform—integrate any health and wellness, IoT, security, and building automation technologies.

Digital first. Deliver smart amenities to support businesses who have made digital transformation a priority.

Flexibility made easy. Adapt to changing tenant needs, including balancing onsite and work-from-home.

Health minded. Power health and safety systems, including touchless access and occupancy tracking.

Security and data. Secure building and tenant systems, and deliver real-time tracing, usage, and automation.

Take control of building efficiency and technology costs.

Reduce Operating Expenses

Never purchase, install, or maintain hardware again. Join does it all—with less power consumption, minimal equipment and cabling footprint, and faster installation.

Streamline Building Operations + Security

Eliminate the burden on engineering and IT staff to manage and monitor disparate systems. Join takes care of your network, so you can focus on delivering amazing tenant experiences.

Attract Top-Tier Tenants

From the parking garage to the gym to the courtyard, make your entire property more efficient, flexible, and attractive to tech-savvy tenants.

Make Fewer Tenant Improvement Concessions

Meet your A-level tenants’ uncompromising corporate IT and security requirements with our pre-installed tech infrastructure.

Offer More Flexible, Efficient Leasing Options

Eliminate the vendor juggling and shorten the time it takes for tenants to get up and running with ready-to-deploy cloud and network services.

Easily Scale to Meet New 
In-Building Tech Demands

Be prepared for new trends and technologies without all the hassle of patching in new systems, while also reducing the cost of future upgrades.

Blazing fast Internet and cloud connectivity by design.

Join makes ISP contracts obsolete. Get uncapped and unthrottled Internet access over our redundant, terabit-scale, fiber-optic backbone. It’s elastic and scalable enough to provide you and your tenants with limitless, dedicated bandwidth.


Building Operational Technologies

Securely provision and authorize cloud-connected operational technologies such as BMS, smart lighting, HVAC, access control, security cameras, occupancy sensing, and more.


IoT and Smart Device Network Slicing

Keep potentially vulnerable IoT devices separated and up to date. Easily and securely integrate or change IoT device network slices to enable new building or tenant experiences.


Secure Wired and WiFi Connections

Meet the needs of both building infrastructure systems and tenant applications with secure wired connections, and WiFi connections that easily expand to cover tenants and amenity spaces like common area wireless.


Advanced Analytics Across Connected Building Systems

Aggregate building data from disparate IT, OT, and IoT systems. Use advanced analytics to improve tenant experience, revenue yield, and cost efficiency across a single building or an entire portfolio.


Integrated Network Security

Protect smart building applications, devices, systems, amenities, and tenants from security risks and vulnerabilities through intelligent network segmentation and premium cybersecurity protections.


Redundant, Multi-Terabit Private Network

Consume as much bandwidth as each system or device needs over our terabit-scale, cloud-native network, designed to meet even the highest security and lowest latency data demands.

All the Productivity Tools Modern Businesses Need

Tenants can add internet, cloud direct connect, VoIP phones, conference rooms, printing and more, at move-in or at any time.

Easy to Activate, On-Demand Subscription Model

The simple subscription model enables tenants to add or change their Join services any time, just as they would with other cloud services.

Access to Fully Integrated, Enterprise Grade Security

Join keeps data and traffic secure with integrated cloud-controlled firewalls and advanced cybersecurity features like intrusion protection, web filtering, and more.

Never Any Hardware to Purchase or Maintain

Join eliminates complexity with our complete managed infrastructure. Never buy, install, manage, or maintain hardware or separate software licenses.

Enabling new business models for one of the world’s most successful Class A office real estate developers.

“One of the things that I like about Join [is that] for the benefit of our customers they’re always pushing the boundaries.”

James Whalen

SVP/Chief Information & Technology Officer, Boston Properties

Find out how Join can 
transform your property.

Let our experts help you develop a strategy to stay ahead of changing trends and building requirements.

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