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Instantly Connect People to the Digital Services They Need to Get Work Done

Join offers owners/operators a complete subscription digital workplace solution to help make your properties tech forward—without having to buy, install, manage or support a digital infrastructure.

Join delivers secure, high performance connectivity for mission critical building systems, while enabling owners to deliver a superior move-in ready network and digital services that will delight tenants and users.

Join delivers on demand access to secure, high performance digital services for any of your offices. Experience next-gen cybersecurity, private connectivity to other offices, wireless access, cloud services,  conference room solutions, access control, on demand printing services, technical support, and uncapped, unthrottled connection speeds that make your employees more productive and satisfied. Instantly connect and configure your digital experience, and your new office is ready for your team to move in!

Attract and retain the most demanding tenants and users with Join. With Join Digital Services, you can offer a superior digital workplace service that gives added value to your members while keeping you focused on your members’ needs.

From secure, high performance Digital Services to Access Control, UCaaS and VoIP, shared printing, Cloud Direct Connect Services and more. Join helps you build your brand, increase retention and reduce churn. 

Your tenants expect an Outstanding experience, not just a place to sit

Bring Join to your Space today!

Learn how you can take advantage of our on-demand digital workplace services.


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