The New Hybrid Workplace: Occupancy Analytics and Flexible Hybrid Workplaces (Part 1)

Travis Perkins, VP of Customer Experience at Join, joins a panel of experts at Realcomm to discuss The New Hybrid Workplace: Occupancy Analytics and Flexible Hybrid Workplaces. This video is a re-broadcast of the live webinar that took place on Thursday, April 22 2021 at 8:30 AM PDT.

This recording hosted on Realcomm and requires free registration.

About the Realcomm Webinar:

In the last decade, co-working companies have accelerated the evolution of the flexible workplace focusing on density, efficiency and experience. As a result of COVID-19, most professionals have now learned to work remotely from anywhere and many are not planning on going back to commuting into the office 5 days a week. This series explores the new hybrid workplace model and examines how flexible, highly adaptable environments help usher in new, more dynamic office designs.

With COVID-19 impacting office density and traffic patterns, building owners and operators are paying close attention to workplace occupancy data analytics from sensors. This session reviews tools and strategies for a data-driven, flexible hybrid workplace design.

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