Navigating the “Now” Normal: Flexible Hybrid Operating Models

Travis Perkins, Join’s VP of Customer Experience, joins a panel of experts at Realcomm to discuss Navigating the “Now” Normal: Flexible Hybrid Operating Models. This video is a recording of the live webinar that took place on September 16, 2021.

About the Realcomm Webinar:

The return to the workplace poses some distinct challenges that some would argue are of “paradigm shift” proportions. Not only can these new modalities affect an organization’s existing culture and operating models, but can further impact the landlord, the other tenants, the service providers and the entire building’s operation supply chain. For tenants, business processes are being reimagined, including workflows and the cascade of technologies enabling them. How do we affect the changes our organizations need in order to adapt to the new rules? This series focuses on the critical business areas most impacted by this shifting paradigm, the “now” normal, and how they can be addressed.

Most professionals have now learned to work remotely from anywhere and many are not going back to commuting into the office 5 days a week. This session examines how operating models are affected by flexible, highly adaptable workplace environments and dynamic office designs.

Watch the webinar >


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