Webinar – Alternative Workplace Options – Understanding the Opportunities and Challenges

The concept of flex workspace started over 35 years ago. It began with companies sending employees home to work while being connected with basic e-mail and telecommunications. Fast forward to today and the flexible workplace topic is on everyone’s mind. The kitchen table, home office, coffee shop, hotel lobby, airport as well as numerous co-working options are all providing alternatives to the traditional office environment. Space-as-a-Service is causing confusion for some and opportunity for many others.

In this webinar, Malcolm Hobbs, VP of Marketing and Market Development, joins with fellow industry thought leaders to discuss issues such as space densification, portfolio optimization, expense reduction, workplace experience, company culture and more.

To watch the webinar: https://www.realcomm.com/webinars/683/alternative-workplace-options-co-working-flexspace-activity-based-space-as-a-services


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