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Join NaaS

Network Performance + Analytics

  • Optimize network for optimal user experience
  • Support higher data volume at higher speeds
  • Maintain high performance with active monitoring

Unify your network and IT infrastructure

Improved network performance and reliability

A network your business can depend on, without the NetOps hassle

Join's dependable, high-speed network ensures your employees can access critical data, applications, and resources without delays or interruptions. 

Dual WAN configuration combined with premium symmetrical connections mitigates frustrating disruptions.

High-capacity networking equipment accommodates increased traffic and data volumes to give your business exceptional performance and uptime for both wireless and wired LAN.

A 99.9% uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA) guarantees minimal to non-existent downtime.

Proactive monitoring keeps your network at peak performance

We monitor and manage your network infrastructure, ensuring it operates optimally, reliably, and securely – so you get the best performance for your business.

Our global Network Operations Center (NOC) monitors and manages network performance 24/7, quickly handling any issues that might impact network performance.

Real-time threat detection allows instant response to security threats, keeping sensitive data protected.

24/7 automated monitoring promptly identifies anomalies in network behavior. 

Accessible network metrics and security logs help oversee network activity for comprehensive forensic evaluations.

Network as a Service

Explore all the benefits of Join NaaS

Cloud Wired + Wireless LAN
Cloud Wired + Wireless LAN

Turnkey cloud-managed networks, inclusive of hardware, software, design, installation, maintenance.

Managed WAN and Business Internet
Managed WAN and Business Internet

Fast, redundant connectivity optimized for optimal performance to every device and application.

Zero Trust Security
Zero Trust Security

Zero trust access, secure network architecture, data security, and enterprise authentication keep your data and workloads safe.

Getting a fast, secure, reliable network experience is easier than you think

We make it easy to quickly deploy your entire network and IT infrastructure, from routing, switching, access points, firewalls, and secure connectivity.

  • Ultra fast business Internet
  • Reliable wired and wireless networking
  • Zero Trust security
  • Proactive network monitoring and optimization
  • 100% as a service... turnkey installation, zero CapEx, zero-touch provisioning.

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