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Join NaaS

Managed WAN and Business Internet

  • Reliable connectivity for devices and applications
  • 100% as-a-service with zero CapEx
  • Simplified and seamless network experience

Unify your network and IT infrastructure

Consistent connectivity and optimal performance

Ensure reliability and performance end-to-end

Join's architecture brings you high-availability secure connectivity for every device and service at the network edge. 

Dual Internet connections from separate providers safeguard against complete service outages resulting from a single provider failure.

Proactive Internet monitoring enables automated issue resolution with providers or seamless switching to prevent disruptions to end-user services.

With swift issue resolution, Join promptly addresses challenges such as website inaccessibility caused by carrier interconnection problems.

Benefit from a fully-managed resilient network

Built for secure, reliable internet connectivity throughout the workplace providing your business with better collaboration and efficiency.

Business continuity best practices, such as redundant internet connections, automatic failover, and quick replacements for any failing devices, are included at no cost to you.

Our comprehensive security stack is designed to solve security, privacy, and reputational protection issues, safeguarding sensitive information.

All upgrades and replacements are included with the Evergreen hardware option, ensuring hassle-free, no-cost hardware replacements when necessary.

24/7 support with our global Network Operation Center (NOC) and dedicated field resources ensures your network remains at peak performance. 

Network as a Service

Explore all the benefits of Join NaaS

Cloud Wired + Wireless LAN
Cloud Wired + Wireless LAN

Turnkey cloud-managed networks, inclusive of hardware, software, design, installation, maintenance.

Zero Trust Security
Zero Trust Security

Zero trust access, secure network architecture, data security, and enterprise authentication keep your data and workloads safe.

Network Performance + Analytics
Network Performance + Analytics

High uptime and guaranteed SLAs with our redundant network design, active performance monitoring and optimizations.

Getting a fast, secure, reliable network experience is easier than you think

We make it easy to quickly deploy your entire network and IT infrastructure, from routing, switching, access points, firewalls, and secure connectivity.

  • Ultra fast business Internet
  • Reliable wired and wireless networking
  • Zero Trust security
  • Proactive network monitoring and optimization
  • 100% as a service... turnkey installation, zero CapEx, zero-touch provisioning.

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