Your elevators, minus the lines and crowds.

With Join’s UpNext elevator scheduling app, give your tenants a safer, smoother ride to their office with easy scheduling and real-time estimates.

Elevator Scheduling and Real-Time Coordination

Give tenants the ability to skip the wait times and long lines to safely use building elevators. With the elevator scheduling app, users can plan and manage their journey, ensuring a safe and smooth ride with time estimates and clear guidance.

There’s no need to modify your elevator management system and algorithms—the app automatically updates based on real-time usage.

Schedule Your Own UpNext Demo

See how fast and easy it is to deploy UpNext in your office tower. Eliminate crowds and lines at your elevator bays, and eliminate anxiety for both tenants and property staff.

Put peace of mind in your tenants’ pockets.

Tenants returning to the workplace need assurance that their office towers are safe—and the first thing they see is the elevator lobby.

UpNext delivers trust and transparency, placing the power of scheduling safer, smoother elevator rides directly in the hands of your tenants.

Alleviate elevator anxiety for everyone.

People are naturally concerned with long lines and crowds, with many being mindful of social distancing and elevator etiquette.

UpNext provides clear color-coded passes that give tenants and building staff an easy solution to manage long waits. Help tenants get to their offices quickly, while implementing proper elevator safety measures.

Easily monitor and adjust elevator usage in real time.

Every office tower is different, and you need the control to manage your building’s flow of movement.

UpNext gives property staff the power to monitor elevator usage in real time, or analyze usage patterns to adjust for heavy and light demand to ensure smooth flow of elevator traffic.

Simple integration plus intelligent tracking.

Your building elevators need a solution today, not in months.

UpNext doesn’t require any complex integrations with elevator systems. Join provides everything, including WiFi, bluetooth beacons, and works with existing systems.

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Head off the operational headaches of implementing back-to-work safety measures.
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