LiquidSpace and Join Partner to Close the Flexible Office Technology and Productivity Gap

By Join Digital Inc.

LiquidSpace and Join will integrate the Join™ Cloud for Smart Workplaces platform as core tenant technology infrastructure services for LiquidSpace customers and partners.  

San Francisco, CA – September 18, 2019  Join and LiquidSpace today announced their partnership to integrate the Join™ Cloud with the LiquidSpace platform to better serve building owners and operators extending their offerings for the Flexible Office economy, and to serve customer demand for more sophisticated IT services. 

Through this partnership, the Join Cloud for Smart Workplaces will deliver on-demand IT services in the LiquidSpace platform, enabling building owners to provide tenants with superior digital productivity services as a part of their flexible office offering.  LiquidSpace has also integrated the Join Cloud Platform into altSpace, its turnkey workplace solution for teams of 20 to 200+ employees – bundling real estate, tailored furniture kits, enterprise grade IT and culture coding, on simple monthly terms. 

Join delivers information technology as a service to enterprises in today’s smart workplaces.  Originating from the cloud, Join provides secure access to the cloud, the public internet/web, a wide variety of SaaS services, other communications services such as voice, as well as Smart Building features essential for security and productivity.

Defining the Smart Workplace

While many Flexible Office providers have focused on intelligent physical design, the accompanying digital services (including internet/web) often do not meet the standards their tenants demand in an increasingly tech-forward marketplace.  This, in turn, diminishes the overall value of the workplace experience.

Why Join? – High value On Demand Cloud-native Services

Join’s Smart Workplace services were built for the 21st century enterprise in which corporate IT services and applications have moved to the cloud.  Taking a page from the major cloud companies, Join has transformed the corporate IT experience from a capital and support-intensive endeavor to a subscription service that can be tailored to individual needs, without compromising security, performance or reliability.  Inside the Smart Workplace, users connect to Join via state-of-the-art secure wireless (5G/Wifi6) or through high speed ports that deliver a world of critical cloud and SaaS applications and services.  Within the Smart Workplace, Join offers plug-ins to state of the art video conferencing services, unified communications (voice), and other digital tools that are essential to 21st century workers.  The Join Cloud is built on a private terabit-scale internet to guarantee performance, security, and reliability, all critical factors for all enterprises today.


LiquidSpace and Join began their collaboration in 2018 in San Francisco and Toronto.  Today, this collaboration is extending to other top markets in the United States, including New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Detroit and Atlanta. 

“The Flexible Office market continues to be the fastest-growing segment of the commercial office industry”, said Mark Gilbreath, CEO of LiquidSpace. “As more companies large and small turn to Flexible Office, coworking operators and building owners are recognizing that tenant expectations have evolved beyond flexible lease terms, community and décor. Tenants today also expect secure, scalable, enterprise-grade digital services on Day one.  We partnered with Join because network and technology infrastructure is their core competency and their platform meets the needs of the most demanding enterprise corporate IT requirements.  We expect Join to help us drive significant revenue and category growth in this market.”

“We were very happy to see how the Join and LiquidSpace solution accelerated the leasing process,” said Jay Scholten, Vice President of Innovation and Asset Management, The Swig Company. “With Join and LiquidSpace, we can quickly provision a space, and when a tenant signs a lease, employees and contractors can move in immediately and become productive the same day. We look forward to deploying this model in other Swig properties.” 

Enabling the Smart Workplace

“Many on-demand office products have focused only on lease terms, lifestyle quality and diversifying the market for commercial office utilization”, said Karl May, Join Founder and CEO. “LiquidSpace recognized early on that altSpace can deliver much greater value as a Smart Workplace when combined with Join. We share a common vision for the future of the workplace that focuses on all of the needs of today’s sophisticated information and technology-dependent workers.”

About LiquidSpace
LiquidSpace is the platform for the Flexible Office economy – connecting fast growing companies and mobile professionals with flexible office space around the globe.  Choose from coworking spaces, serviced offices, building owners and private companies with space to share.   Our online tools simplify the discovery, evaluation and transaction of space options and eliminate the cost and complexities of traditional leasing. Office space is now yours with a click. Pay by the hour, day, month or year. No lease, no hassle. Learn more at

About Join
Based in San Francisco and funded by world-class investors, Join is powering the Smart Building and Smart Workplace.  Cloud-native from inception, Join creates exceptional customer experiences for the most sophisticated and demanding enterprises, without sacrificing information or data security, performance, and reliability.  Every Smart Building incorporates more technology to enhance the overall tenant experience, and the Join Cloud seamlessly integrates these technologies and services to deliver operational simplicity and excellence to owners and operators of today’s most tech-forward commercial properties.  Join was founded by serial technology entrepreneurs who created groundbreaking products including the original cable modem, and have driven innovations in interactive television, optical networking, cybersecurity and cloud computing. Join today by contacting or by calling 415-366-5638.

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