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Property Managers

Data-driven, cost-efficient building technology

  • Reduce OpEx by at least 25%
  • Improve NOI and reduce time to lease
  • Improve tenant experience and satisfaction

When we selected Join for our office portfolio, our primary goal was to simplify operations that had become far too complex. As we have worked with the Join team, however, we have found new, tech-enabled ways to differentiate our assets. We are excited by what the future of data holds for us.

Kevin Pirozzoli, Managing Director

Improve operating performance with the most advanced software-defined connectivity

The technologies that power your building – IoT devices, building automation systems, and energy management systems – require a reliable, ultrafast, and interconnected network infrastructure. Our cloud-managed WiFi and software-defined network brings seamless integration of building and workplace experience technologies.

Leverage smart building capabilities for energy efficiency and space utilization, while achieving significant operational cost savings up to 25%.

Attract tenants and increase tenant satisfaction offering fully connected, Internet-enabled common areas and community spaces.

Get actionable insights to continually improve building operations

Leverage environmental and occupancy data to analyze usage patterns, optimize energy consumption, identify inefficiencies, and implement energy-saving measures. With powerful data-driven insights, make space utilization decisions based on real data and drive more efficient operations and cost optimization, without sacrificing tenant experiences.

Better understand detailed environmental factors that affect healthy buildings—our data can help you become fully compliant with many green building and indoor air quality standards.

Modern work experiences that attract modern businesses

Tenants prioritize environments with cutting-edge technologies and modern workplace experiences—as more businesses seek efficient and collaborative workplaces to support hybrid workforces.

Boost tenant satisfaction, promote flexibility with more collaborative, productive workplaces, and improve tenant retention rates.

Competitive buildings are increasing their mix of community and digital collaboration spaces to differentiate their properties. Our turnkey spaces come equipped with interactive displays and popular video collaboration platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

An amazing digital workplace experience is easier than you think

  • Fully connected, collaborative workplaces
  • Space utilization & occupancy sensing
  • Indoor environmental quality monitoring
  • Unified workplace analytics
  • And effortless to own... Zero hardware to buy, install, or maintain; we even refresh the gear. Straightforward pricing, as a service