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Workplace Managers

Data-driven, tech-focused workplaces

  • Better leverage tech that enables productive work
  • Make data-driven decisions that benefit employees
  • Foster collaboration, productivity, and employee satisfaction

The fact that we could move into the space so quickly and have the internet service active immediately was a great benefit to the Coding Dojo staff and students. We were able to be productive on day one and start our classes immediately.

David Chanoine, Program Director

Software-defined connectivity to improve productivity and employee experiences

Our cloud-managed WiFi and software-defined network ensures that employees have always-on access to essential resources, seamlessly collaborate, and remain productive.

Easily meet the growing demands of your workforce with a seamless WiFi and digital experience.

Secure employee, guest, and device access is managed completely in the cloud and actively monitored to continually optimize performance.

Actionable insights improve employee health and wellbeing

Optimize environmental settings, improve employee comfort, and validate your space with healthy workplace standards. Analyze detailed environmental data to help you maintain a comfortable and healthy environment, monitoring factors such as temperature, humidity, air quality, and lighting conditions.

Get real-time and historical occupancy data to better understand how your workplace is used. Make fact-based decisions regarding space allocation, workplace design, and layout optimization by analyzing the most comprehensive data on occupancy, meeting room usage, and desk utilization.

Digitally-enabled spaces promote collaboration and innovation

Create an environment for better employee engagement and productivity with spaces that encourage innovation, teamwork, idea generation, and adapt to new ways of working.

Support hybrid workforces with a mix of collaborative spaces for brainstorming sessions, presentations, and interactive discussions, regardless of physical location.

State-of-the-art digital collaboration spaces equipped with interactive displays, and integrate popular video collaboration platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Web-based space booking and scheduling help to discourage "no-show" zombie bookings and encourage efficient space utilization to create a positive experience for employees.

An amazing digital workplace experience is easier than you think

  • Fully connected, collaborative workplaces
  • Space utilization & occupancy sensing
  • Indoor environmental quality monitoring
  • Unified workplace analytics
  • And effortless to own... Zero hardware to buy, install, or maintain; we even refresh the gear. Straightforward pricing, as a service