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Finance Managers

Data-driven, cost-efficient office technology

  • Cost optimization with fully managed services
  • Use data to evaluate ROI and make informed decisions
  • Increase innovation with improved collaboration

The fact that we could move into the space so quickly and have the internet service active immediately was a great benefit to the Coding Dojo staff and students. We were able to be productive on day one and start our classes immediately.

David Chanoine, Program Director

Software-defined connectivity for a more data-driven workplace

Eliminate capital expenditures and shift to more predictable operational expenses with cloud-managed WiFi and software-defined networking, as-a-service. We eliminate the need to invest in infrastructure, hardware, and maintenance costs associated with in-house WiFi and network management.

Better project infrastructure and workplace technology costs.

All OpEx—never pay hardware, maintenance, or replacement costs.

Upgrades are included, meaning you never pay extra to update to the newest WiFi or technology standards.

Actionable insights to manage costs and identify opportunities

Leverage real-time data to evaluate workplace ROI and make fact-based decisions on new workplace initiatives and strategies to maximize productivity.

Identify opportunities for cost savings and optimization with more accurate insights into resource consumption and occupancy patterns.

Perform cost-benefit analyses for sustainability initiatives and wellness investments using detailed environmental data.

Digitally-enabled spaces enhances workplace efficiencies and productivity

More businesses are increasing the mix of digital collaboration spaces to facilitate better teamwork, idea generation, and knowledge sharing. 

Get state-of-the-art interactive displays and integrate popular video collaboration platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams—without paying a premium or burdening staff resources.

Promote more innovation with more collaborative layouts. And improve efficiency and reduce communication barriers for a more productive and efficient workforce.

An amazing digital workplace experience is easier than you think

  • Fully connected, collaborative workplaces
  • Space utilization & occupancy sensing
  • Indoor environmental quality monitoring
  • Unified workplace analytics
  • And effortless to own... Zero hardware to buy, install, or maintain; we even refresh the gear. Straightforward pricing, as a service