About Join

Join the disruption

Join is Working with Owners, Flex Operators and Enterprises to Transform the Tenant and User Experience

Join is Subscription Digital Workplace Services platform that helps property owners create differentiated and compelling tech-forward spaces that are attractive to flex office operators and enterprises. Flex Office Operators can design services offerings on the Join Platform that match their brands and the expectations of their clients. Enterprises access secure high-performance services without having to buy, install and maintain a network. The results are improved brand image for owners and flex operators, improved employee satisfaction, greater retention of tenants and reduced churn.

No hardware to buy or expensive ISP contracts to sign. Join is instantly configurable and scalable to the needs of any individual or team. Join secure private services incorporate state of the art cybersecurity and direct connections to private and public cloud services and SaaS platforms.

Join eliminates the need for traditional redundant network systems that were installed for each customer on every floor of a building. Employees in Join spaces and buildings simply show up and get to work, each with their own private segmented services. Adjust service levels any time and pay per-person, per-month.

A History of Innovation

Join was founded by serial technology entrepreneurs who created groundbreaking technologies in optical networking, cybersecurity and cloud computing.

The inspiration for Join came from conversations with customers of Treq Labs (a previous company created by the founders and sold in 2015). Treq Labs built terabit-scale fiber optic networking devices that sold to large enterprises and telecommunications companies. The company had a reputation for building high performance devices that didn’t break.

Some of Treq Labs’ largest and most strategic clients began to ask whether secure, high performance networking could be delivered as a service.

Building on fiber optic networking and cybersecurity IP developed over more than 20 years, Join was founded on this service premise. Enterprises need secure, high performance network services. They don’t need to buy, install and maintain networks.

Your tenants expect an experience, not just an office.

Get Join in your building today!

Looking for secure, high performance, fully managed digital workspace solutions? Make your building, flexible office or suite Join-Ready today.


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