The Join Cloud for Smart Buildings

Create tech-forward properties that deliver high-quality tenant and guest experiences, improve building operations, and protect your building from cyber threats.

Join Cloud Services

Common Area Wireless

Secure, lightning fast common area wireless and AV for tenants and guests.

Smart Spec Suites

Move-in ready digital suites with instantly available cloud services and connectivity.

Retail Wireless

PCI and SOC 2 compliant point-of-sale connectivity, corporate direct connect, & guest wireless.

Building Infrastructure

Secure, isolated services for core building systems through a single cloud platform.

Set a higher bar for secure, high-quality building operations

The Join Cloud for Smart Buildings streamlines building operations and delivers an outstanding experience for guests and tenants in your building. Use Join to bring your building systems onto a single, secure infrastructure that reduces their exposure to hacking. Offer valuable tenant and guest amenities such as common-area wireless and meeting room AV to promote a tech-forward brand.    

Protect Your Building

Eliminate vulnerabilities to cyber attacks created by disparate security methodologies and networks used by different building systems.

Accelerate Leasing Cycles and Revenue

Offer smart spec suites that are ready to occupy. Reduce sales objections, sign leases faster and move tenants in within days, not the weeks or months typical with traditional IT buildouts.

Build a Tech-Forward Brand

Give tenants blazing-fast wireless, reliable conference room AV, and other value-added services that make their employees love coming to work in your building.

Cut Costs

Cut capital and operating expenses by eliminating redundant infrastructure in building systems. Let us make your buildings tech-friendly so you can do what you do best: manage your assets and sell leases.

See how Join deployed smart building wireless for Dock 72 in just under 3 weeks.

Join successfully launched the Join Smart Building Cloud for Dock 72, a groundbreaking new development in Brooklyn, in record time to support CREtech 2019. In order to deliver connectivity to the building and the conference for over 2,000 attendees, Join was selected due to our speedy deployments and the security, performance, and reliability of our smart building infrastructure.

Key Smart Building Features

Single building infrastructure

The Join Cloud is a single platform that manages multiple secure private networks, so you can control access to core building systems, including access control, security cameras, building management, and more. Each network enables a connected device to perform only its intended purpose.

Always-on services

The Join Cloud for Smart Buildings offers full redundancy for your building system and tenant amenities so that your building stays operating at peak efficiency, without growing your costs.

Performance optimization

The Join Cloud uses software-based configurations to separate the functions of different categories of devices–from security cameras to access control to environmental monitoring to common-area wireless–so that the network performs better as a whole.

Zero-trust security

The Join Cloud uses state-of-the-art security technology to prevent any user or device from accessing the network without being authenticated first.

Secure data management

Potentially sensitive data from access control devices of security cameras is transmitted securely to your data repositories to keep you in compliance with emerging regulatory requirements.

Proactive monitoring

Join monitors and analyzes network performance to ensure data throughput is fast and reliable.

Flexible migration paths

Individual building systems can be migrated to the Join Cloud at any time based on your vendor contracts and equipment lifecycles.

Fully managed

Connect to your services and configure your tenants’ digital experience all from one place.

Make Your Building Smarter Today

Reach out to us for a personalized needs assessment for your building portfolio.


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