Join Cloud plans: Simple, transparent, subscription-based pricing

Pay for the digital services you need to be productive. Scale on demand.

Join offers several Join Cloud plans to accommodate the needs of Class A building owners, their tenants, and co-working spaces. Companies subscribe to the services they need and can change anytime. Since Join subscriptions are software based and delivered on demand, we can easily create customized offerings to match your organization’s specific needs.

Join Cloud plans for the Smart Building

Common Area Wireless

Join offers plans for common-area wireless based on the square footage of the space in your building where you want to offer coverage.

Smart Spec Suites

Join Smart Spec Suites are fully provisioned and ready to be lit up on the first day the tenant moves in. Tenants simply choose the level of service that they want to provide to users in the space. Join services can be customized to meet the specific needs of individual users and groups.

Join Infrastructure Services

Join can support a wide range of services on the Join Cloud such as security cameras, access control, and environmental monitoring. Pricing is based on the number of devices and data requirements.

Join Cloud plans for the Smart Workplace

Join Essentials
Join Enterprise
Join Premier
Secure Private Network
Redundant Fiber to Join Cloud, Diverse Paths
Redundant Services Architecture
Services Availability SLA
Uncapped, Unthrottled Bandwidth
Single Wired Port Access, per Desk
Common Area + Guest Secure Wireless Access
Private SSID
Guest Secure Wireless Access
Zero Trust Services Access
Individual User Authentication
Intrusion Protection
Web Filtering
Access and Usage Reports
Remote Support: Phone, Web, Chat, Text
8am-5pm, M-F
7am-7pm, M-F
24×7, 365 Days
Access to Local Concierge Team

Optional Add-ons to Enhance Your Experience

Enhanced Data and Infrastructure Services
  • Private Cloud Connect
  • Cloud Services Direct Connect
  • Data Center Direct Connect
  • Remote Office Services: SD-WAN, Secure Branch Office
  • SD-WAN Multiple Location Direct Connect
  • Multiple Segmented Device Services
  • Public IP Addresses
  • Additional SSIDs
Integrated UCaaS and Digital Services
  • Conference/Meeting Room Scheduler
  • Voice Service w/Desk Phone + Domestic Calling
  • Conference Room A/V Solutions

Know how much it will cost to put your users and devices to work.


Pay for what you need, when you need it.


Eliminate tens, hundreds, or thousands of individual contracts.

Get Pricing

Our team will help you choose the right Join Cloud plan and customize it to your needs.


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