The Join Digital Workspace Platform™

Legacy IT Buildouts don't stand up to today's needs

For Companies – On Demand Services for all Enterprise Needs

When companies evaluate buildings and spaces, they’re looking for speed, flexibility and a great employee experience. They don’t want to wait six months for a buildout, and they can’t remain vulnerable to unprotected networks in the building. Companies often can’t predict their workforce’s needs 2 years out, not to mention 5 to 10 years. Both the approach, cost and inflexibility of traditional IT simply doesn’t work today.

With the Join’s Digital Workplace Platform, the network is on demand, and no individual or device gains access to the network unless they are authorized and authenticated. The Join Platform provides instant access to a nationwide, terabit-scale private network and the services that employees need to get their jobs done. It combines fast, reliable Internet access with end-to-end security, unified communications and on-demand conferencing. There is no hardware to purchase or maintain, no support or maintenance agreements and no ISP contracts to sign.

For Owners – The Platform for the Tech-Forward Building

Owners are in an arms race. With growing cyber attacks on building infrastructures systems, owners are continuously looking for way to mitigate risk and protect critical building systems, while also delivering  tech-forward buildings that are attractive to tenants. The Join Digital Workplace platforms protects all core building infrastructure by creating separate software-defined flows for every category of device, from security cameras, to access control, to environmental monitoring, building management systems and more.

The Join Platform also enables owners to deliver enterprise scale digital services to tenants on demand. There is no hardware or software to buy, install, manage or maintain. Customers get the same level of security and performance as if they were working from their home network in the corporate headquarters. On Demand services increases brand value of the property, improves retention and reduces churn.

For Flex Office Operators – Enterprise Grade Solutions on Demand

As a Flex Office Operator, you want to build and deliver customized solutions that match your brand and exceed the highest expectations of your most demanding clients. The Join Digital Workplace Platform enables you to deliver a wide range of Join packaged service offerings – or quickly and easily design your own custom solution. All of Join’s solutions are software-defined and easily configurable to meet the needs of your customers. You can deliver services that match the highest expectations of your client’s corporate IT team, increasing your ability to attract and retain the most desirable enterprise clients.


Define the users and devices who can access network resources.


Only authorized users and devices are allowed on networks you define.


Join ensures network traffic is segmented to guarantee total network security.

Secured by ZeroTrust™

Join’s perimeterless infrastructure securely connects your people to their workin the office and in the cloud.


Join offers an end-to-end security approach that protects landlords and tenants from security risks by connecting trusted users and devices to internal and external systems and applications through a nationwide private network. The Platform utilizes a Zero Trust architecture, which prevents unknown devices from accessing specific systems, even if they are inside the network perimeter.

Terabit Scale

Through our intelligent infrastructure, Join offers uncapped, unthrottled bandwidth on a nationwide private network. You’re up and running right away; no more waiting for ISP contracts or provisioning. We’re constantly monitoring, learning about the needs of your users and devices and optimizing quality of service for our customers.

Zero Trust Access Management

A key feature in our perimeterless architecture is in our proactive approach to security and identity. Join protects against a variety of causes of data breaches, including attacks that compromise privileged users on the network. Because we verify a user’s identity each time a request is made, we ensure only authorized users access allowed network resources.

Context Based Access

Join makes the decision of what to trust easy by evaluating the context of the user and device each time a request is made. Access to our network is granted based on a device, its state, location, and the associated user. The system continuously evaluates the entire context of each request to deliver secure, verified access throughout the network.

Software Defined Policies

More devices and more users mean more risk. Through our Software Defined Policies, we help you determine who should have access, and how you can protect your data without impacting user experience for your employees. By collecting detailed information about the context of the user and device making the request, our platform can evaluate in real-time whether to accept or deny a specific request. Individual multi-factor authentication ensures that users and their devices are verified.

Protecting IoT devices

Secure your operational technology by segmenting your IoT devices from all other activity in your building. Less advanced devices have no inherent security capabilities and only the most basic network functions, making them vulnerable to attack. The Join Platform partitions all the activity on your network into secure segments to isolate IoT devices and enable them to be managed without putting other more traditional devices at risk. And because some regulations mandate segmentation, such as PCI DSS, with Segmented IoT Networks, you remain compliant while staying secure.

Discover How the Join Digital Workplace Platform Helps Enterprises

ZeroTrust™ Security

Join is a security-first digital services provider. All of our services are delivered through a secure, private, terabit-scale network, delivering enterprise-grade cybersecurity to organizations of all sizes.

Managed IT Infrastructure

Join monitors and analyzes performance to ensure data throughput is fast and reliable. High consumption applications are segmented to ensure a consistent, high-performance experience with no loss of network performance.

Flexible Digital Services

Join is the ultimate net-neutral service. Our on-demand network systems help your team be more productive. Plus, consume as much bandwidth and data as each user needs – on demand, uncapped and unthrottled.

Instant Productivity

Seamless setup means your IT infrastructure is up and running on day one. The Join platform lets you get started without hardware installations, service delays, multiple service providers, cybersecurity or IT support headaches.

Your tenants expect an experience, not just an office

Is Your Building Join-Ready?

Learn how to deliver a secure digital workplace that grows with you.


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