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Subscribe, Don't Buy - The Digital Infrastructure for the Smart Building

Secure, on-demand subscription digital services for tenants, improved internal operations and increased NOI for owners.

Tenants want outstanding digital experiences, not just physical space. Owners want better efficiency and security, and most of all, an improved NOI.

Join delivers a complete range of subscription digital services to enhance the tenant experience, enable a smarter, more resilient building infrastructure and increase your NOI. You benefit from increased tenant loyalty, lower churn, improved brand image, improved operational excellence and better financial results.

  • Increase building value
  • Shorten leasing cycles with fast installation
  • Build retention and loyalty
  • Eliminate tenant concessions for IT
  • Position building as technology-forward
  • Improve cybersecurity
  • Decrease e-waste
  • No more revenue loss due to time delays for IT rip-out and replace

How Does Join Work?

Join is building a private internet to keep your data secure.

Each building that adopts the Join network becomes part of Join’s secure, private community. Enterprises access services they need through this private internet. All data is segmented from and invisible to other users and organization. Users needing to access public web sites and other public internet services connect through the cybersecurity infrastructure in our private cloud.

Securing the Building

Building operators can manage key building infrastructure systems and other services such as access control, security cameras, occupancy sensing, each on a separate Join network.

Join provisions, manages, and monitors the entire digital services infrastructure in all Join-Ready buildings and the Join private cloud.

Data passes in an out of Join-Ready buildings through a secure, redundant, high performance private service infrastructure.

Each Join customer or building infrastructure function (like cameras and access control) is segmented on a  secure, private digital service.

Join Digital Subscription Services are software-defined and instantly configurable per user.

Join Portal

Create customized, branded, high quality digital experiences for your customers

Join ZeroTrust™

Only authorized and authenticate users and devices. Enable your tenants to connect their offices across your portfolio through secure private services. Segment data from security cameras, access control and more for building operations.

Custom Subscription Services

Offer your customers additional scalable, secure, subscription digital services such as SDWAN and cloud direct connect services customized to individual company, office and user needs.

Make Your Building Join-Ready Today

Identify a building or space. Join creates a network system design including locations for wireless access points.
Choose the Join subscription services to offer your tenants and support building operations. Join provides all service and support.
From tenant digital services to security cameras and access control, go-live with Join Digital Services in as little as two weeks after wiring installation.

Deliver secure, high performance, personalized subscription digital services today.

No hardware, ISP contracts, maintenance or support.

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